Celiac Disease Medical Research 

Choose a month and scroll down to view the results of published research concerning celiac disease and related conditions. Link directly to Abstracts of choice in Current Bibliographies in Medicine (CBM).    Clinical Trials on Celiac disease are listed by the US National Institutes of Health.

VIDEO - Real People Living with Celiac Disease          

Reviewing medical literature: a primer for those living with Celiac disease The safety, toxicity or otherwise of glutenAuthor: Dr Geoff Forbes 

The National Library of Medicine regularly publishes bibliographies covering distinct subject areas of biomedicine of current popular interest. The first and only  National Institutes of Health Consensus Development Conference was in 2004, Current Bibliographies in Medicine 2004-2 Consensus Development refers to celiac disease.  
¿Cómo se dice "gene" en español? The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) online Spanish Talking Glossary of Genetics

The Celiac Support Association administers a  Peer Review Research Grant Program   funded through donations designated for research. 
Generally, the grants are in the form of seed money, in an effort to support the work of the scientific community as it searches for a cure for celiac disease and other gluten-induced conditions. Learn more about the CSA Peer Review Research Grant Program.

Often a research project consisting of a survey or focus group involving CSA members or Chapters is best defined through a PRRG Support Service Grant Agreement.  Application    Format for the Agreement



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