The CSA Peer Review Research Grant Program


Since its inception, CSA has supported research as part of its ongoing mission to help individuals with celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis worldwide. The Program provides an unbiased peer review clearinghouse and is funded by donations.

CSA acknowledges the following for their contributions to funding the Peer Review Research Program :

  • Memorials in remembrance of CSA members
  • The Affiliated American CSA Foundation
  • Fundraising efforts of CSA Chapters on behalf of research
  • Corporate Donations and Benefactor Members of CSA
  • Private and Community Foundations
  • Individual donations

The CSA Peer Review Research Grant program invites proposals for grants of approximately $5,000 in three major categories:

  • Clinical and applied research
  • Theoretical research with therapeutic implications and potential impact on patient care
  • Innovative, cooperative and interdisciplinary research approaches

Research projects supported through the Peer Review Research Program include:

  • "Inhibition of Tissue Transglutaminase @ by Lysine and/or Glutamine" - 2009
  • Intolerance of celiac disease patients to bovine milk is not due to the presence of T cell stimulatory epitopes of gluten - Indianapolis Chapter Funded 2005-2007   


Funded research proposals will take into account the investigation’s:

  • Impact
  • Project approach
  • Feasibility

CSA accepts applications for the Peer Review Research Grant Program throughout the year. We ask that all Application Forms, with accompanying research proposals be mailed to CSA directly. We will not accept fax transmittals or emails for this purpose.

Information Packet and Application Form


CSA Peer Review Research Grant Program—Support Services

Through the Support Services arm of the CSA Peer Review Research Grant Program, CSA provides consultation services and non-monetary assistance to clinical and market researchers. CSA is able to provide background information, demographics, statistics, focus group participants, survey respondents, and clinical trial participants.

CSA can assist researchers by:

  • Posting notices of upcoming research participation opportunities on the CSA website
  • Posting surveys, questionnaires on the CSA website
  • Sending blast emails to targeted groups
  • Working with local CSA chapters to find volunteer participants in specific geographic areas
  • Providing, arranging and supporting consultation among various disciplines involved in celiac disease research

Please contact the CSA offices to learn more about services customized to your research needs.