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Supplementing the Gluten-Free Diet
Symptomatic celiac disease (CD) prevents the body from absorbing nutrients properly. Damaged surface area in the lining of the small intestine reduces nutrient absorbtion. into the blood stream and evoke the immune system. Even after the villi in the small intestine are described as being "back to normal," healing may be patchy.  Because of this, the monitoring physician may recommend annual blood test analysis to learn if selected vitamins or nutrients are being absorbed at adequate levels.

Any supplements should be based upon reliable test results. Not everyone requires supplementation of the gluten-free (GF).

It is important to remember that the immune system of a person with celiac disease is responding abnormally. The auto-immune system functions increased sensitivity level. Infections may not be handled as well as in other people. Stamina and resilience may not be at the level they once were. Most vitamins, food supplements and over-the-counter medications are based on and measured for persons at full-functioning, full-absorbing levels. A person with CD may need less or perhaps more of a particular vitamin, mineral or medication. Again, working with a monitoring physician will help determine what and how much is the appropriate allowance of a particular medical or supplemental product. If symptoms persist after adopting a GF diet, further refinement may be necessary.