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Research Pages include:

International Celiac Disease Symposium

Digestive Disease Week Washington DC  Program on Celiac Disease and Gluten-related Disorders...  

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CSA 2015 Gluten-Free Summer Recipe Collection 

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CSA's 47 page 2015 Gluten-Free Summer Recipe E-Book, 

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  2015 Gluten-Free Spring Recipe E-Book

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  2014 Gluten-Free Holiday E-Book   

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The Celiac Support Association (CSA) proudly announces our grant award for Phase I of the Platform for Engaging Everyone Responsibly (PEER).

  • See the Genetic Alliance press release for more information and a list of Phase I awardees.
  • PEER  

    Your Participation Makes it Possible to

    • provide the best possible care to patients affected by celiac disease and other gluten-related disorders
    • improve methods in studying our disease
    • achieve deeper understanding of gluten-induced conditions 
    • find new treatments
    • create new studies
    • improve digestive function and overall health


NEW!  2015 July Monthly

Lifeline Issue 1  2015

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Gastroenterology Regulatory Endpoints and the Advancement of Therapeutics  

Workshop in Silver Spring, MD Devoted to Celiac Disease non-dietary Therapeutics


  • Who is the appropriate target celiac population
  • Define scope of pharmacological therapy in celiac disease
  • Definition and measurement of a treatment benefit in celiac disease registration trials
  • Role and timing of assessment of histological and serological endpoints

March 31, 2015:        View and Download Presentations  (GREAT 3)


Learn more about the FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) Gastroenterology Regulatory Endpoints and the Advancement of Therapeutics  

- FDA Workshop on Celiac Disease

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2015 Spring Gluten-Free Candy List









What is Celiac Disease?

Celiac disease is a COMMON, genetically linked autoimmune disease. An environmental STRESS can activate celiac disease. In people with celiac disease, gluten exposure evokes an immune mediated response  throughout the body generally with measurable damage to the intestinal lining. Some of the most common symptoms are joint pain, anemia, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue and irritability. 

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• Gluten-Free Labeling Webinar  - USA Labeling Today  

• "FDA Voluntary "Gluten-Free" for Food Labeling" August 5, 2014

• FDA Defines Gluten-Free (less than 20ppm)

• Gluten-Free Labeling

• The FDA Health Hazard Assessment for Gluten Exposure in Individuals with Celiac Disease: Determination of Tolerable Daily Intake Levels and Levels of Concern for Gluten

• FDA Small Entity Compliance Guide to Gluten-free Labeling

• FDA Final Regulatory Impact & Regulatory Fexibility Analysis

• Future Therapeutic Treatments for Celiac Disease and Gluten Disorders?



 About Us

The Celiac Support Association® is the major non-profit supporting those with celiac disease and related disorders.  Through our chapters, resource units, and members, we provide research-based perspectives for optimal health.  

Our support groups foster a significant improvement in a member's quality of life as validated by independent research.


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 Did You Know?

   • 1 in 141 is the estimated prevalence of Celiac Disease in the US.

   • These companies will donate to CSA while you shop. 


THE BIG QUESTION: What is on the label?

THE ANSWER: Not enough information!


Is a potential gluten source ingredient present in product or processing?
Even the manufacturer may not know.

Common inactive ingredients purchased on the open market

which may include gluten:

            pregelatinized starch  



           microcrystalline cellulose


The CSA position is to advocate that manufacturers declare the name and derivative* source of all excipients in drug product on the official label.

* Derivative source means the botanical, animal, or other source of origin.

The results of the CSA survey taken in 2013 shows that our members take an average of 9 pills per day.  In 2007 the average was 8 pills per day.

The most pills (prescriptions and supplements) taken by a member in one day was 53.

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