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GF Baking Trouble Spots 

When the cake or brownies won't rise. Check the leavening for freshness.

  • Leaveners  Eggs:     Date marking codes: see "Use by  date" and the 3 number code is day of year packed, 001-365. Allow eggs to come to room temperature, set out for 30 minutes.  Whites separate best while cold, and increase to maximum volume when brought to room temperature.

    Chemical leavening:

    Baking soda:    Write the date of first use on the box.
    Baking powder: Check for "Use by date"; shake vigorously before measuring 
    Fermentation: Check yeast use by date on package.  

  • Vinegar 
    -Some people with celiac disease maintain optimal health by choosing only naturally gluten-free products, others find a personal balance between a greater range of gluten-free labeled products that are not naturally gluten-free. The information provided gives aspects to consider when choosing vinegar. Current commercial gluten detection tests are not suitable for testing gluten fractions in distilled vinegar. Ask the manufacturer about the vingar source if it might be grains. 
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