The Rewards of a CSA Membership

Join today and you will become a part of the largest member-based non-profit celiac organization in the United States.


  • New Member Packet which includes the CSA Restaurant Card, a complimentary copy of Lifeline, and the informational pamphlets CSA: A Success Story, Living a Full Life and Diet Management. 
  • As a member you will receive our quarterly newsletter, Lifeline. This newsletter contains gluten-free recipes, medical articles, contact information for gluten-free food manufactures, human interest stories, ads, manufacturer coupons and a variety of other items of interest to those with Celiac Disease & Dermatitis Herpetiformis. Provide your email to us and you will also get the latest news and discounts from CSA and its corporate sponsors.


  • Get information on local chapters in your area to continue supporting your changing needs. Join them and become part of "Celiacs Helping Celiacs!"
  • Utilize our expertise and email or call our office staff with questions.  We are here to help you love living gluten-free!


  • Look in Lifeline and CSA emails for money saving coupons and discounts for gluten-free products and services!

Membership Dues

The dues for membership are kept as low as possible. Beginning In 2012 the dues structure for family membership is as follows:

$35 1 year Membership
$60 2 year Membership
$85 3 year Membership
$125 5 year Membership


For each of these categories, $5 per year may be deducted to receive Lifeline electronically rather than print versions.

Two new special categories have also been added:

Senior Citizen (age 65 or older) - $25 per year

Student (21 or younger) - $15 with an electronic version of Lifeline.

To JoinHands Support

Your tax-deductible membership fee and any additional donations allow CSA to support:

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