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Celiac Disease Conference Q & A

What is the "Annual Celiac Support Association Conference"?

As a major event in CSA's yearly calendar, the celiac disease conference is designed for individuals and their families with an interest in everything related to celiac disease and all other gluten related conditions. CSA invites experts from a broad spectrum of disciplines relating to celiac disease and the required gluten-free diet to share current and breakthrough information. Researchers, healthcare professionals, dietitians, authors, chefs, restaurant owners, and gluten-free food vendors participate in this educational event.

The Celiac Support Association Annual Conference serves the following principal purposes:
  • Updates on celiac disease research and management of celiac disease and related conditions
  • Updates on gluten-free nutrition and management aspects of the gluten-free lifestyle
  • Networking opportunity
  • Leadership building
  • Worry free gluten-free meals 
  • Annual Membership Meeting
  • Annual Governing Board Meeting

Annual Governing Board Meeting  

How do I register for the celiac disease conference?

Register by calling 1-877-CSA-4-CSA (1-877-272-4272). Credit cards are accepted.

The registration form is available here.

 The completed form may be: (no online registration at this time)

  • Walk-ins will be able to register but conference meals and materials may not be available.

Is it necessary to pre-register?

Those who register early will receive the discount rate. registration fees will increase 30%.

Walk-in registration will be accepted. Fees will be based on the late registration. However, meals and materials for last minute registrants may be limited. 

What is included for a full conference registration?

Full registration includes gluten-free meals, gratuity and taxes, admission to sessions and exhibit hall.   

What is included for children, youth and young adult registrations?

Programs are specially designed for CSA KidZone (Ages 7-11), CSA Teenscene (Ages 12-16) and CSA Young Adults (Ages 17-21).

Registration includes gluten-free meals, gratuity and taxes, admission to specific group activities, conference sessions and exhibit hall. 

What is the Conference Exhibit Hall?

The Conference Exhibit Hall features a variety of gluten-free items from gluten-free food manufacturers, suppliers and health food stores each offering gluten-free products for sampling or purchase.  

Does a parent or guardian of a minor attending the celiac disease conference have to register?

All minors must have a parent or guardian registered as a conference participant.

Will there be infant and toddler care available during the Conference?

Child care will not be available at Conference.

Will conference meals and snacks be gluten-free?

Yes all meals and snacks served during the conference will be gluten-free.  .  

Will there be airport transportation to and from the hotel?

Why should I reserve rooms at the Celiac Support Association conference-designated hotel?

By staying at the convention hotel, you gain the opportunity to conveniently network with your CSA friends and fellow conference attendees. You remain in the center of the activity surrounding the conference. Staying at the conference designated hotel benefits you financially and logistically. When staying at another hotel, which may seem cheaper, you may incur transportation costs and lose convenience and efficiency. The meeting room costs for the conference are reduced based upon the number of guests registered at designated hotel.

How can I find another individual interested in sharing hotel guest room accommodations?
Contact CSA by e-mail at celiacs@csaceliacs.org or toll-free 1-877-CSA-4-CSA.

Is there a gluten-free restaurant guide?

Will be made available at a later date.

Where can I learn more about area attractions?

  • http://longisland.hyatt.com/hyatt/hotels/activities/index.jsp
  • http://www.discoverlongisland.com
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