Newly DiagnosedLabel Reading with Celiac Disease?

If you are new to the gluten-free diet it can be an overwhelming prospect to know where to start. Please keep the following things in mind while beginning your new life living gluten-free!

  • Think positively - This is a welcome change for your body. Your system will thank you for it!
  • Empower yourself - You can do it! Educate yourself and your loved ones about celiac disease and your need to adhere to the gluten-free diet. Share your newfound knowledge with others.
  • Gather a support network -  Seek support from the Celiac Support Association and your local chapter.  Establish a medical support team with a dietitian and a supervising physician to monitor your success with the gluten-free diet. Email the support staff at CSA or call the toll free number  877-272-4272   or     dialogue with a dietitian 

Remember that the diet is the prescription, you can control it, and with a positive attitude and support from others it can be done!

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