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CSA Executive Chef Aaron Flores 
Food and Beverage Director and Executive Chef at The Embassy Suites Crystal City in Arlington, Virginia

CSA Executive Chef Aaron builds a reputation of designing great gluten-free gourmet meals for CSA Annual Conference attendees. The resident chefs become friends of Chef Aaron, and ours, building a ring of excellent gluten-free dining choices around the world.

Chef Aaron’s Table Talk

Your Personal Chef Connection at CSA 
Answers to the world of Celiac Cuisine -- To email the Chef

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Have you had a delightful gluten-free dining experience lately?  

CSA Executive Chef Aaron is spearheading an effort to identify chefs from around the globe who recognize and cater to the unique needs of the gluten-free customer. Please send Chef Aaron your contact information and contact information for your favorite chef or chefs who do gluten-free right. Please include Name, Location, phone and/or email address. 

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