Celiac Support Association

Corporate Programs

CSA Recognition ProgramCSA Recognition Companies

Products bearing the CSA Recognition Seal meet the strictest criteria for absence of gluten in product ingredients, processing and packaging. This seal was built to reflect member responses to CSA surveys in Lifeline. 
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CSA Benefactor Members

Benefactor Members

Benefactor Membership in CSA affords companies, trade associations, healthcare professional and non-profit organizations a tangible way in which to support CSA and its programs.


Individual and family members may support CSA through a Family Membership. The choice of membership designation may be made at time of renewal. Dues are paid on a year or multiyear basis. 
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CSA Sponsors


Sponsors help CSA further education, patient support/outreach, and research for the celiac community. Tax deductible contributions and in-kind donations are given recognition, thus increasing visibility in the celiac community while showing commitment to programs that benefit celiac's throughout the country. 

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