2009 Conference
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Children, Youth & Young Adults

32nd Annual CSA Conference

All minors must have a parent or guardian registered as a conference participant.

Parents of Youth
Opportunities to connect with other parents and share ideas on helping your children live a happy and healthy life with celiac disease. You’ll be able to participate in the general conference program while your children are involved with the youth program and meet up with them at various times throughout the conference.

CSA KidZone (Coordinated by Mike Mailand)
Ages 7-11  Fun filled activities during conference that will include visiting exhibit hall, hands-of gluten-free cooking, educational field trip, special kid-friendly GF menu and snacks, Halloween activities and meeting other celiac kids.

CSA TeenScene (Coordinated by Mike Mailand)
Ages 12-16  Activities to help teens handle the challenges of living a health celiac lifestyle. Special teen-friendly gluten-free menu and snacks, hands-on GF cooking, educational field trip, shopping and label reading skills, exhibit hall visit, meet doctors, dietitians and other professionals, hang out with other celiac teens and make new friends.

CSA Young Adults (Coordinated by Deb Mailand)
Ages 17-21+  Programming designed to support young adults as they experience the demands of living a healthy lifestyle. Network with other young adults to share experiences and strategies for gluten-free living. Hands-on cooking, gluten-free meal planning tips, visit exhibit hall to discover the latest in gluten-free items, attend educational seminars, connect with doctors, dietitians, and other professionals.