Celiac Support AssociationCeliac Support Association
32nd Annual CSA Conference
Bayfront Convention Center – Erie, Pennsylvania
Exhibits and Donations Q and A

Why should my company be involved in the Annual CSA Conference?
Showcasing your company products at the Annual CSA Conference allows your company exposure to
celiacs from all over the United States. Your company participation is appreciated and vital to the overall
success of the Conference experience. The Exhibit Hall for the 32nd Annual CSA Conference has been
designed to allow maximum exposure to the Conference and Dietitian Day Attendees. Product donations to
conference meals greatly enhance the attendees’ dining experience. All companies exhibiting and/or donating
product to the Conference are recognized in the official Conference Syllabus and on the CSA website.

Where is the 32nd Annual CSA Conference held?
All activities of the Conference including meals are held at the Bayfront Convention Center in Erie,
Pennsylvania. The Bayfront Convention Center has ample free parking available for the duration of the


What are the Exhibit Hall Hours?

Thursday October 29, 2009—Dietitian Day and Oktoberfest Buffet and Food Fair
Set up—Thursday, October 29 from 10:00a.m-2:00 p.m.
Exhibit Hall Open 2:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.—Food Fair
New this year! Cooking demonstrations and presentations by exhibitors throughout the Food Fair Hours.
The Thursday Exhibit Hall Hours will allow both Dietitian Day and Conference Attendees to browse and
shop. The Exhibit Hall will be open to the public during this time.
Oktoberfest Buffet will take place from 5:30-7:00 p.m.

Friday October 30, 2009—Annual CSA Conference-First Day
Exhibit Hall open between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.
Exhibit Hall will close during major speaker sessions to allow time for Exhibitors to attend. Exhibitors will
have the opportunity to eat lunch with the conference attendees.

Saturday October 31, 2009—Annual CSA Conference-Second Day
Exhibit Hall open between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.
Tear down begins at 3:30 p.m.
Hall may close during major speakers. Expect KidZone and Teen Scene visitors during the morning.
Exhibitors again have the opportunity to lunch with the attendees.

What is this new item—cooking demonstrations?
During the Oktoberfest Buffet and Food Fair on Thursday afternoon and evening, a cooking demonstration
and presentation area will be set up in the Exhibit Hall. If you wish to participate in this activity with a 20-30
minute demonstration or presentation, please indicate your intention on the PARTICIPATION FORM for
Exhibitors/Donations and CSA will contact you about specific needs and scheduling. CSA will make
volunteer personnel available to staff your exhibit booth while you are presenting.

Can exhibitors attend Conference Sessions?
During Exhibit Hall hours, exhibitors may attend Conference Sessions as long as their space is staffed.
During some major sessions the Exhibit Hall will be closed so all exhibitors may attend. Exhibitors are
welcome to stay and attend all sessions on Sunday, November 1.

What is the cost of an exhibit space?
Registration fee before August 15, 2009 is $450 per exhibit space.

What is the deadline for registration?
Early Registration deadline is August 15, 2009. After August 15, 2009, registration fees increase to $600
and space cannot be guaranteed.

What will an exhibit space look like?
Each exhibit space will be approximately 8’ by 8’ and will include one 6 foot table, two chairs and a
wastebasket. Pipe and drape will not be included. Tables will be covered.

Is extra exhibit space available?
Extra exhibit tables will be on a space available basis. Request extra space on the PARTICIPATION FORM
for Exhibitors/Donations. CSA will contact you regarding your needs.

What may I include in my space?
Free standing display units may be used as long as they fit within the 8 foot space and do not block sightlines
to neighboring exhibits. Nothing may be adhered to the walls of the Exhibit Hall. Glitter and confetti are not
allowed. Distribution of adhesive backed decals or stickers is also not allowed.

What about electric hookups?
Electric hookups are available at no extra charge. Indicate electrical needs and type of line (110 or 220) on
the PARTICIPATION FORM for Exhibitors/Donations.

What about electronic equipment?
Electronic equipment may be used in the Exhibit Hall. If needed, equipment rental is available through the
Bayfront Convention Center. Contact CSA for details concerning costs and specific availability.

Is wireless internet available in the Exhibit Hall?
Yes. Wireless internet is available in the Exhibit Hall at no extra charge.

What equipment is allowed in exhibit spaces?
The Bayfront Convention Center allows most types of cooking and refrigeration equipment. Please indicate
the specific equipment you will be bringing or shipping on the PARTICIPATION FORM for
Exhibitors/Donations. Deep fat fryers are allowed without hoods if they are small, but fire extinguishers are
required with deep fat fryers.

What about refrigeration?
If you require refrigeration of product during the Conference, please indicate your need on the
PARTICIPATION FORM for Exhibitors/Donations and CSA will contact you with arrangements.

What about shipping to and from the Conference?
Specific shipping instructions will be emailed to registered exhibitors and vendors who have indicated
shipping needs on the PARTICIPATION FORM for Exhibitors/Donations. The CSA website will also
include specific shipping instructions at a later date.

What about door prizes and giveaways?
Individual exhibitors who wish to give door prizes from their exhibit space are welcome to do so. Prize
winners can be announced at Conference meals or through signage in the Exhibit Hall. Please contact CSA
if you plan to give door prize(s).

May I sell product from my exhibit space?
Pre-packaged product may be sold from the Exhibit Hall. You are required to provide CSA with a copy of
your order form, detailed ingredient lists for any product sold or sampled in your space.

What about sales tax?
In Pennsylvania there is no sales tax on prepackaged food. There is, however a 6% sales tax on NON FOOD
items such as books, DVDs etc. If you are selling NON FOOD items from your exhibit space, you must
obtain and fill out Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Enterprise Registration Form (PA-100). This is a multipurpose
form. Only sections 1-10 and the first question of Section 18 must be filled out. If you fill out the
form on line, permits will be issued within three business days. If you fill out a paper form, expect a 3 week
turnaround time. Forms may be obtained through the following website www.pa100.state.pa.us Following
the Conference remittance may be accomplished electronically or by check.

What about samples?
Distribution of gluten-free product samples to Exhibit Hall visitors is limited to the Exhibit Hall. CSA
requires ingredient lists for all samples given at the Conference.

What about surveys and questionnaires?
Any surveys or questionnaires conducted during the Conference MUST be coordinated through and
approved by CSA. Contact CSA for details.

What paperwork is needed to obtain an exhibit space?
Call CSA or use the website instructions to request a PARTICIPATION FORM for Exhibitors/Donations
and information. Fill out the form completely and remit to CSA with your payment by check or credit card.
Include the following with your completed PARTICIPATION FORM for Exhibitors/Donations.

  • Carefully read and sign the “CSA Conference Exhibitor Agreement”. Return a signed signature page
    to CSA by mail or fax.
  • Proof of liability insurance—Proof of liability insurance naming CSA and Bayfront Convention
    Center, Erie, Pennsylvania is required. Directions are included on the final page of the CSA
    Conference Exhibitor Agreement. Proof of insurance may be sent directly to CSA from your
    insurance carrier via email, mail or fax.
  • Ingredient lists—Provide CSA with ingredient lists for any food items sampled or sold. Ingredient
    lists must also be available to the Conference attendees in your exhibit space.
  • Order forms, flyers, etc—Provide CSA with copies of order forms, flyers, and literature to be
    distributed at the Conference.

I wish to participate as an exhibitor, but will not have personnel available to staff an exhibit space. Is local support available to staff an exhibit?
A limited number of local chapter members are available to staff exhibits in the Exhibit Hall. CSA requests
a tax deductible donation of $100 for this service. Donations will be collected by the CSA national office
and remitted to the local chapter(s) for use in chapter education and support activities.

What about meals?
A gluten-free breakfast buffet will be served daily Friday-Sunday from 7:00-8:30 a.m. in the Bayfront
Convention Center. Tickets for the breakfast buffet may be purchased in advance through the
PARTICIPATION FORM for Exhibitors/Donations. Breakfast buffet tickets are $25.00each.

Each exhibitor registration includes one lunch ticket for the Friday and Saturday Conference Lunches.
Additional lunch tickets can be purchased for $25.00 each.

Exhibitors who wish to join the Conference attendees for Friday and/or Saturday evening meals may
purchase tickets through the PARTICIPATION FORM for Exhibitors/Donations Friday evening meal tickets
are $35.00 and the Saturday banquet is $40.00.

What about lodging?
The Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel has been designated as the Conference Hotel. Access to the Bayfront
Convention Center from the Hotel is via skywalk. A block of rooms is available and may be reserved by calling
the Sheraton central reservations number 1-888-627-8094. Room rates are guaranteed through
September 29, 2009.

Is shuttle service from the airport available?
The Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel does not have shuttle service to the Erie International Airport. The airport
is about 6.7 miles from the Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel and the Bayfront Convention Center. Cab fare is
approximately $17.


How do I donate product to Conference meals and activities?
One of the highly appreciated features at the CSA Conference is showcasing gluten-free foods at the
conference meals from companies like yours. You do not have to be present at the Conference to donate
gluten-free food items for Conference meals and activities.

Please use the PARTICIPATION FORM for Exhibitors/Donations to indicate gluten-free product donations.
CSA will need ingredient lists for all donated products. All donors of food items will be recognized on
conference menus, in the official Conference Syllabus and on the CSA website. You may also call CSA to
discuss menu donations. Suggested items include:

Breakfast Buffet
Fri. Sat. Sun.
Dietitian Day
Friday Lunch
Italian Buffet
Friday Dinner
Great Lakes
Youth Program
Cold/hot cereals turkey, bacon Linguini, rotini,
Salad dressings Snacks
breads/pastries Cheese Alfredo, marinara
Pasta Box lunches
Muffin Dinner rolls Garlic bread Dinner rolls Soft drinks
Donuts/donut holes Dessert items Salad dressings Dessert items Chips/pretzels
Bagels   Dessert items Croutons/crackers pizza
Toaster waffles Thursday eve.
Oktoberfest Buffet
Saturday Lunch
Salad Buffet
Sat. Banquet
Dietitian Day
sausage/bacon Knockwurst Soup Chicken snacks
Syrup Bratwurst Salad dressings Sirloin Soft drinks
Preserves Spaetzle noodles Tortilla strips Salad dressing Hospitality
Protein/b’fast bars Brat buns Wild rice Croutons Snacks
Soy, rice milk Dinner rolls Chicken strips Crackers Beverages
granola Beer (for sauce) Pasta for salad Dinner rolls Chips
Pancake mix Bread crumbs Angel food cake Dessert items Pretzels
    Dinner rolls    


Are sponsorships of Conference activities available?
Yes! For detailed information on suggested sponsorships, click on the “Sponsorships” link on the CSA
website or contact CSA. You may indicate your sponsorship choices on the PARTICIPATION FORM for
Exhibitors/Donations. All sponsors are recognized in Conference Print materials and on the CSA website.

What advertising opportunities are available?
Quarter page black and white ads in the official Conference Syllabus are available for $175. Use the
PARTICIPATION FORM for Exhibitors/Donations to indicate your desire to advertise. All ads must be
received by July 31, 2009 to meet publication deadlines.

How should I contact CSA?

  • By phone at our toll-free line 1-877-CSA-4-CSA
  • By email at Conferences@csaceliacs.org
  • By mail at Celiac Support Association, PO Box 31700, Omaha, NE 68131-0700
  • By fax at (402) 643-4108

The Celiac Support Association thanks you for your interest in the 32nd Annual CSA Conference. Your
support as a sponsor, exhibitor, and/or donator of product does much to enhance the conference experience
for attendees. The CSA staff looks forward to working with you.