Conference Evaluation Form
31st Annual CSA Conference
La Vista, Nebraska October 17-19, 2008

Your comments and suggestions are valuable and help to further improve this annual conference.
Please complete this questionnaire and return to the Registration Area or mail to CSA.

PO Box 31700 • Omaha, NE 68131 • 1-877-CSA-4-CSA •




Was this your first CSA conference? □ Yes □ No

If “No,” how many have you attended previously? ________

Are you a: (check all that apply)
□ Local CSA Chapter Member # of Yrs _____
□ CSA National Member # of Yrs _____
□ Conference Volunteer
□ Conference Exhibitor
□ CSA Governing Board Member
□ Healthcare Professional

How did you learn about the conference?
□ CSA Website
□ Conference Registration Mailing
□ Lifeline Newsletter
□ Chapter meeting or newsletter
□ Other____________________________________

For a October conference, when do you need to receive
registration materials?
□ May □ June
□ July □ August

How were your hotel contacts and accommodation?
□ Excellent □ Good □ Fair □ Poor □ N/A

1. The range of topics for your needs was:
□ Excellent □ Good □ Fair □ Poor


2. The methods used for presentation at the
conference were:
□ Excellent □ Good □ Fair □ Poor


3. The information presented relating to CD was:
□ Excellent □ Good □ Fair □ Poor

4. The balance and flow of the conference was:
□ Excellent □ Good □ Fair □ Poor


5. The information and ideas relating to the positive
approaches to the celiac diet and lifestyle were:
□ Excellent □ Good □ Fair □ Poor


6. The amount of structured time was:
□ Excellent □ Good □ Fair □ Poor


7. The amount of free time was:
□ Excellent □ Good □ Fair □ Poor


8. Are conference audio recordings beneficial?
□ Yes □ No

9. Would you prefer to have conference recordings avail
able as an option separate from the overall conference



10. Conference costs continue to rise each year and
statistics indicate that this trend is likely to continue.
It is important to CSA that the conference remains
affordable for everyone. This will require changes in
conference planning. Please rank the following items
from 1-5 in level of importance to the conference

____ Gluten-free meals included in cost of registration

____ Meeting space in same location as accommodations

____ Length of conference

____ Conference speakers and presentations

____ Exhibit Hall



General comments and suggestions:






Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.
See you next year!