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Tucson-Area Restaurant List
The following list has been provided by the Southern Arizona Celiac Support Group. These Tucson-area restaurants have been identified as knowledgeable about celiac disease and the gluten-free diet.

Arizona Inn (Classic and contemporary cuisine) · 2200 E. Elm St.   325-1541 
Manager: Carrie Mullen
Gluten Free Menu: No   Able to accommodate special requests.
Reviewed: 2004
Description: Classic and contemporary cuisine with international flavors. The chef and staff are knowledgeable, but be sure and double-check that everything is GF. They don't mind questions.

Auld Dubliner (Authentic Irish fayre) · 800 E University Blvd.   (520) 206-0323
Gluten Free Menu: No   A limited selection of gluten free entrees
Reviewed: 2007, by the Lunch Bunch
Description: Authentic Irish "fayre," premium beer and spirits. The corned beef and cabbage, grilled chicken with curry sauce and sheperd's pie are gluten free. If you order the corned beef and cabbage, be sure to request it without the sauce. We were fortunate that for the lunch bunch they were willing to do their curry fries in a dedicated fryer, but that's not normally the case.

Bluefin Seafood Bistro (Seafood grill) · 7053 N Oracle Rd. (Casas Adobes Plaza, Ina and Oracle) 520 531-8500
Gluten Free Menu: No
Reviewed: 2007, by the Lunch Bunch
Description: Bluefin specializes in fish with a limited selection of other items. Brunch is served on Sundays only, with a selection of breakfast items. Cool ambience and live music on weekends.

Blue Point Kitchen & Bar (Seafood) · 2905 E. Skyline Drive
In La Encantada, Skyline at Campbell   577-6000 
Manager: Curt Tyler
Gluten Free Menu: No
Reviewed: 2004
Description: Great seafood selection. Willing and able to accommodate special requests. Menu has been reviewed with Chef.

Carrabba's Italian Grill (Italian) · 7635 N. Oracle Rd.   (520) 742-7442
Gluten Free Menu: Yes   Menu includes instructions for ordering items gluten free. It was developed with the cooperation of the Gluten Intolerance Group. 
Reviewed: 2006, by a member
Description: A variety of grilled items are available gluten free. Gluten free pasta is not available.

Chili's ("Spicealicious") · 4911 N Stone Ave   520-887-7971
5150 E Broadway Blvd   520-747-3330
1640 W Valencia Rd   520-573-1809
Gluten Free Menu: Yes   (Updated monthly, so check frequently for changes. If their web site gets out-of-date email them for information)
Reviewed: 2006
Description: Always check that your server and the chef understand that you need gluten-free food (and what that means). The Chili's web site recommends that you discuss your dietary needs with the restaurant manager.

Chipotle (Mexican) · 905 E. University Blvd. Unit 149   628-7967
4774 E. Grant Road   326-1009
3055 N. Campbell Ave.   325-1261
235 W. Wetmore Road   888-0444
7555 N. La Cholla Blvd.   544-3868
Gluten Free Menu: No   but web site lists items that are not gluten free (In FAQ | Useful)
Reviewed: 2006, by a member
Description: Burritos and tacos. Their menu includes a burrito"bol" with a wide selection of ingredients as well as tacos made with corn tortillas. Avoid the large burrito tortillas and the small soft taco tortillas.

Claim Jumper (Steaks, seafood, ribs and more) · 3761 E. Broadway Blvd   520-795-2900
Gluten Free Menu: Yes
Reviewed: 2006
Description: Now has a GF menu available on line. These menu items have been modified to be Gluten Free. Be sure to specify modifications when placing your order.

Elle - A Wine Country restaurant (Wine country) · 3048 E. Broadway Blvd.   327-2353 
Chef: Richard Koby
Owner: Fernando Elizalde
Gluten Free Menu: No   Can accommodate GF requests
Reviewed: 2003, 2004, 2006, by the Lunch Bunch
Description: Fresh, creative cuisine. Great wine selection. Country elegant atmosphere. A Tucson classic located in the heart of central Tucson.

Feast - Tasteful Takeout (Eclectic eat-in or takeout) · 4122 E. Speedway Blvd.   326-9363 
Manager: Doug Levy
Owner: Doug Levy
Gluten Free Menu: Yes   Available on request. Staff can accommodate GF diet.
Reviewed: 2005
Description: Instituted a week of GF Specials on request. Willing and able to accommodate GF diets. Good food and wine selection. Their menu changes monthly, so call ahead to see what's available. You can sign up at their web site to have the menu emailed to you. The salads with home-made dressing and the risotto are recommended by one of our members.

Firecracker (Pan Asian) · 2990 N. Swan Road   318-1118 
Manager: Chris Chavez
Gluten Free Menu: Yes
Description: Pan Asian cuisine. Manager Chris Chavez created the Gluten Free menu for our Dining Club. Very accommodating and supportive of the Celiac community.

Fleming's Restaurant (Steakhouse) · 6360 N. Campbell Ave.   (520) 529-5017
Gluten Free Menu: Yes
Reviewed: 2006, by a member
Description: Classic steakhouse fare. Be sure that the staff and chef understand your needs.

Frost: A Gelato Shoppe (Desserts) · 7131 N. Oracle Road   797-0188 
Owner: Jeff Kaiserman
Gluten Free Menu: No
Reviewed: 2006, by a member
Description: Everything is GF except the cheesecake, brownie or cookie flavored gelatos. Make sure to specify you do not want the cookie decoration with your gelato.

Jonathan's Cork (Southwestern) · 6320 E. Tanque Verde   296-1631 
Chef: Jonathan Landeen
Owner: Jonathan Landeen
Gluten Free Menu: No
Reviewed: 2004
Description: Buffalo, Ostrich, Fresh Fish, Seafood, Game Meats and Angus Beef with a Southwestern flair. Long time Tucson Favorite with a varied menu and willingness to prepare food to suit your needs. Contributed to the Celiac Walk and fundraisers.

Kingfisher Bar & Grill (Seafood grill) · 2564 E. Grant Rd   (520) 323-7739 
Owner: Jeff Azersky, Tim Ivankovich, Jim Murphy
Gluten Free Menu: No   GF Menu selections and knowledgeable staff
Reviewed: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005
Description: A Dining Club favorite. Generous donors to the Celiac Walk. Gourmet food is offered at reasonable prices. Very accommodating staff and great local jazz several times a week. Watch for their "Road Tour" each summer, featuring American regional cuisine from May through September.

La Salsa Fresh Mexican Grill (Mexican)
1021 N. Wilmot Rd (4 other locations)   (520) 747-0066 
Manager: Maggie
Gluten Free Menu: No
Reviewed: 2004, 2005
Description: Healthy Mexican food. Donated to the Celiac Walk in 2004. Vegetarian tacos on corn tortillas are terrific. Corn chips & various salsas and salads and grilled meats make a healthy, hearty meal. Avoid anything made with flour tortillas.

Lotus Garden (Asian) · 5975 E. Speedway Blvd   520-298-3351 
Owner: Darryl Wong (907-2427)
Gluten Free Menu: No   GF menu is pending.
Reviewed: 2005
Description: Asian food prepared to your order. Call owner, Darryl Wong personally (907-2427), to plan a special menu.
There are no comments on this restaurant.

Lovin' Spoonfuls Vegetarian Restaurant (Eclectic vegan)
2990 N. Campbell Ave Suite 120 (in Campbell Plaza)   (520) 325-7766
Gluten Free Menu: Yes   Look for it on the counter where you order
Reviewed: 2006, by a member
Description: Tasty vegan food (no animal products of any kind) at reasonable prices. This is a vegan restaurant that takes great care to identify the ingredients of all their dishes, so information on their gluten free status is available. They have gluten free bread for use in sandwiches and with other menu items. Several breakfast items on their regular menu are identified as gluten free, but ask for the gluten free menu for many more options (if you don't see it at the ordering counter).

Mimi's Cafe (Eclectic menu, New Orleans decor) · 4420 N Oracle Rd   520-690-9544
120 S Wilmont Rd   520-747-7273
Gluten Free Menu: No   Information is available by email
Reviewed: 2006, by the Lunch Bunch
Description: Mimi's is very willing to make substitutions (such as fresh fruit or corn tortillas for their muffins). The breakfast menu offers an especially good selection of gluten-free items. Contact them via their web site to have information on ordering gluten-free emailed to you.

Mina's Thai (Thai)
5575 E. River Rd # 141 (NE intersection of River and Craycroft)  (520) 299-0453
Gluten Free Menu: No
Reviewed: 2006, by a member
Description: It was a great GF experience...the chef was knowledgeable and accommodating, and even made us vegetable fried rice without soy sauce. The curries are mainly GF as well. The server was helpful and understanding. (This review is from a CSA member who is highly sensitive to gluten. She gives her Celiac seal of approval). Just be clear NO soy sauce or oyster sauce can be in your dish.

Miracle Munchies - "Good Health Good Life" (Breads & desserts)
4380 N. Campbell Ave. (St. Phillips Farmer's Market) 
P.O Box 91731, Tucson AZ 85752   
Owner: Mindy Stickey
Gluten Free Menu: Yes
Reviewed: 2002 - 2006
Description: Not a restaurant but a GF experience, come to the St Phillips Farmer's Market on Sunday morning to sample home made Gluten Free bake mixes. Created by Mindy for her children's special diets, these breads and desserts taste better than any gluten free bread I've had in years - highly recommended. Mindy is a generous supporter of the CSA Walk and fundraisers.

Olive Garden (Italian) · 5410 E. Broadway Blvd   (520) 790-5787
300 W. Wetmore Rd.   (520) 292-1077
1213 W Irvington Rd.   (520) 434-0789
Gluten Free Menu: Yes   Printed on request
Reviewed: 2007, by the Lunch Bunch
Description: At Olive Garden if you ask for a GF menu they will print one out. Their chefs select several dishes to make GF every day.

Outback Steakhouse (Steakhouse) · 4871 E Grant Rd   (520) 323-8892
2240 W Ina Rd   (520) 531-1231 
Manager: Aaron Priestley (Grant Rd.)
Gluten Free Menu: Yes
Reviewed: 2005
Description: The GF Dining Club was out on the town March 16th 2005, with a record turnout at the Outback Steakhouse. Personal attention was paid to special diet requirements. The steaks, ribs and burgers were great, with substitutions readily available. The Chocolate Thunder from Down Under dessert was to-die-for ... fresh flourless brownie with ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce & shavings. You may need to remind them to access their computer and print out a GF Menu or call ahead or just bring your own copy from their web site.

Pei Wei Asian Diner (Asian) · 5285 E. Broadway   (520) 514-7004
845 E. University Blvd.   (520) 884-7413
633 W. Ina Rd.   (520) 297-3238 
Manager: Yvette Bredice (Broadway address)
Gluten Free Menu: Yes
Reviewed: 2005
Description: Pei Wei is owned by PF Chang's, who offers GF menu and soy sauce. Pei Wei offers a limited GF menu of Asian fast food. A delicious Asian take-out or dine-in service. Trendy decor, atmosphere and music. Orders are placed at the counter and food is brought to the table. Everyone enjoyed their meal during a dining club excursion at the Broadway Pei Wei. The selections were tasty but there is no GF Soy Sauce so bring your own.

PF Chang's China Bistro (Asian) · 1825 E. River Road   (530) 615-8788 
Manager: Richard Balanos
Gluten Free Menu: Yes
Reviewed: 2003, 2004, 2005
Description: Always a favorite. The wheat free chocolate torte with fresh berries is a delight. This is the site of Dining Club dinners, and they have well trained staff ready to accommodate us. GF Menu and GF Soy Sauce are available.

Picazzo's Pizza (Pizza) · 440 W. Warner Road Suite 101, Tempe, AZ  
7325 Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ
Gluten Free Menu: Yes
Reviewed: 2005
Description: Gluten free pizza is listed on the menu. They use a designated oven and designated pizza stones. "Wow! It tasted really, really good. Almost like Pizza Hut pan pizza. It is a gourmet pizza place so prices are not cheap but to be able to go out for pizza is really big!!. Portions are huge." Picazzo's also has locations in Flagstaff and Sedona.

RAZ (Modern Riviera cuisine) · 1929 E. Grant Road   (520) 327.2223
Gluten Free Menu: No
Reviewed: 2006, by the Lunch Bunch
Description: Modern Riviera cuisine. Restaurant staff are very knowledgeable and although they don't have a gluten free menu, there are usually a wide variety of items available gluten free.

Red Lobster (Seafood) · 5870 E Broadway Blvd.   (520) 519-1002
5061 N Oracle Rd   (520) 293-9174
Gluten Free Menu: No
Description: The wait staff and manager are very helpful, but you might want to call ahead. Their seasonings are not GF, so you need to ask the staff not to season the food. Be sure that the staff and chef understand your needs.

Red Sky Cafe (California French Southwest fusion) · 2900 N. Swan Road   (520) 326-5454
Gluten Free Menu: No
Description: California French Southwest fusion. The chef is aware of GF. But, be specific with the wait staff as to no croutons and no bread or buns. It is helpful to tell the hostess on entry that you need GF foods.

Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill (Mexican) · 3421 E. Broadway Blvd   520-326-1530
10509 N. Oracle Rd   520-297-9551
5870 E. Broadway Blvd #532   520-514-9166
2906 N. Campbell Ave   520-319-9881, 9877
7077 N. Thornydale Rd A-1   520-579-9300
Gluten Free Menu: Yes   lists wheat containing items, but also includes a list of gluten containing items at bottom (in Food Intolerances)
Reviewed: 2006, by a member
Description: Tacos, burrito bowls, quesadillas, salads, etc. Each restaurant should have a copy of the allergens information. You will have to ask for it. If you have the opportunity, take a copy of the online list, or decide in advance from the web site.

Texas Roadhouse (Steaks & ribs) · 170 S Wilmot Rd,   (520) 514-7427
8450 N Cracker Barrel Rd   (520) 579-3855
Gluten Free Menu: Yes
Reviewed: 2005, by a member
Description: They have a gluten-free menu available, if you ask your server for it. The menu tells you how to adjust the meals to make them gluten-free. The meat was wonderful, the veggies perfectly cooked, and the service was great.

Tony Roma's (Ribs) · 750 N Kolb Rd.   (520) 722-6668
4620 N Oracle Rd.   (520) 888-7662
Gluten Free Menu: No
Reviewed: 2004
Description: You probably need to be very specific about what NOT to put on the plate. Their GF sauces are: Original (has soy), Carolina Honey, and Blue Ridge Smokies. It's always a good idea to ask for a plain, uncut baked potato to avoid contamination from the knife. If you order the potato skins, be sure and ask your server if they are fried in the same oil as the breaded items.

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