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Conference Presenters
30th Annual CSA Conference
September 28-30, 2007

Friday, September 28th, 2007

Overview of Celiac Disease ~ Diagnosis and Treatment

GuandaliniStefano Guandalini, MD
Professor of Pediatrics
Chief, Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition
University of Chicago Comer Children's Hospital
Chicago, Illinois


  • Identify the causative environmental factors in celiac disease.
  • Describe the many clinical variants of celiac disease.
  • Recognize the evolution of diagnostic strategies for celiac disease.

Celiac Disease—The Importance of Effective Communication

Young Rosemary Young, MS, RN
Pediatric gastroenterology clinical nurse specialist
Omaha, Nebraska


  • Describe the role of the nurse in the care of a patient with celiac disease.
  • Identify issues related to effective communication as it related to developmental stage of life.
  • Verbalize effective methods of enhancing physician – patient communication.

A Journey to Find the Proper Nutrients on a Gluten-Free Diet

Schuller Nancy Schuller, RD
Clinical dietitian St. Joseph's Hospital
Tucson, Arizona


  • Identify nutrients needed in normal nutrition.
  • Recognize missing nutrients and deficiencies in gluten free diet.

Low Country / Carolina Cuisine

Tobin Lee Tobin
Gluten-Free Team Leader
Whole Foods Market Gluten-Free Bakehouse
Morrisville, North Carolina


  • Identify shrimp and grits as part of Low Country regional cuisine.
  • Examine knife handling skills.
  • Observe preparation of shrimp and grits (a gluten-free grain).
  • Sample the flavors and textures of the dish.

Fiber-licious Gluten-Free

Reilly Rebecca Reilly
Author of: Gluten-Free Baking
Cambrooke Foods-Research & Development
Cambridge School for Culinary Arts-Instructor
Cambridge, Massachusetts


  • Recognize the importance of being open to new ingredients.
  • Identify ways to become proactive in increasing fiber in their gluten-free food choices.

Dental Effects of Celiac Disease

Hishaw Laila B. Hishaw, DDS
Pediatric Dentistry
Tucson, Arizona


  • Identify the oral signs and symptoms of celiac disease.
  • Recognize the stages of oral development.
  • Identify the developmental defects of enamel.
  • Identify the factors responsible for enamel hypoplasia.
  • Describe treatment of enamel hypoplasia.

Saturday, September 29th,2007

Tissue Transglutaminase ~ From Diagnosis to Treatment

SCHUPPAN Detlef Schuppan, MD, PhD
Gastroenterology professor and researcher
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Boston, Massachusetts


  • Identify specific serologic tests for detection and assessment of celiac disease.
  • Recognize the importance of TTG and its role in the pathogenesis of celiac disease.
  • Identify novel non-dietary approaches to treat celiac disease.

Extreme Makeover…CELIAC Edition

Palotta Martha Lee Palotta, RD
Private practice
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


  • Identify strategies for a mental makeover in adjusting to the diagnosis of Celiac Disease.
  • State guidelines for communicating “their celiac story” in their personal life.
  • Identify ways to work with the healthcare team.
  • Apply new skills in developing grocery shopping habits.

Development of Whole Rice Foods

Ranjit Kadan, DVM PhD
Research Scientist SRRC-ARS-USDA
New Orleans, Louisiana


Recognize the nutritional importance of rice as a world commodity.
Identify the nutritional value of rice.
Recognize current whole rice food research and its value to persons with special dietary needs.

Grillin’ Gluten-Free

Flores Aaron Flores
CSA Executive Chef
Executive Chef at Doubletree Hotel
Oakbrook Chicago, Illinois


  • Recognize potential challenges of grilling family favorites.
  • Recall gluten-free substitutions for common grilling sauces, seasonings, and rubs.
  • Identify proper techniques for grilling success.

Baking Gluten-Free Breads

Washburn-Butt Washburn-Butt
Donna Washburn & Heather Butt

Authors of:125 Best Gluten-Free Recipes
The Best Gluten-Free Family Cookbook
Complete Gluten-Free Cookbook


  • Observe a variety of bread baking techniques.
  • Recognize a wide variety of bread machines on the market today.
  • Evaluate which bread machines are best for gluten-free baking.
  • Observe the proper techniques involved in baking gluten-free bread.
  • Recognize special techniques for handling gluten-free flours, yeast, and other ingredients.

Healthier Grains Through Biotechnology

Sands David C. Sands, PhD
Professor of Plant Pathology Montana State University
Bozeman, Montana


  • Identify “nutrient dense foods,” and view new information about nutrient dense foods through a filter of personal health benefits.
  • Evaluate new “foods” introduced into the celiac diet based on personal health benefits.
  • Evaluate the benefits of the public agriculture policy related to production of cheap food and nutrient dense foods.

Sunday, Semptember 30th, 2007

Capsule Endoscopy ~ Pill Cam

Tamaru Wataru Tamura, MD
Foothills Gastroenterology Oro
Valley, Arizona


  • Recognize the importance of capsule endoscopy in diagnosis of celiac disease.
  • Examine the correlation of clinical scenarios, laboratory studies, endoscopy photos and capsule.

Reality Cooking ~ Reading Recipes the Gluten-Free Way

LynnRae Ries
Author of:Waiter, Is There Wheat In My Soup
What No Wheat Publishing
Gluten-Free Creations Bakery
Phoenix, Arizona


  • Identify the different ways to measure ingredients.
  • Describe how to substitute wet ingredients in a recipe with what is available or within their dietary constraints.
  • Describe how to substitute dry ingredients in a recipe with what is available or within their dietary constraints.
  • Evaluate flavors and textures of pre made item.
CSA Conference Steering Committee reserves the right to modify schedule when necessary. Additional information will be posted when available.

"Photos Courtesy of the Metropolitan Tucson Convention & Visitors Bureau"

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