2004 27th Annual CSA Conferences

CSA Annual Conference at Oklahoma City, OK
October 21 – 24, 2004

Expanding The Knowledge
Research, Education And Support


Scott Bean, Ph.D.
"Production of Wheat-Free Food from Sorghum"

Elaine Bradshaw, M.D.
"This Can't be Celiac Disease... or Could It?"
"What's Up Doc?"

Julie Dupell, Ph.D.
"Head to Toe, Heart & Soul: Psychological Care of Celiac Disease"

Aaron E. Flores
"Making the Chef Your Ally"
"Fall Offerings from the Disneyland Resort Kitchen"
"Chefs' Corner"

Jean E. Guest, MS, RD, LMNT
"Medical Nutrition Therapy"
"Dialogue with a Dietitian"

Tracy L. Hall, D.O.
"Patient-Physician Communication"

Russell P. Hall III, M.D.
"Dermatitis Herpetiformis: Clues to Understanding Relationship Between Skin and Gut Disease"

Carolyn A. Harpole, Ph.D.
"Celiac Disease for Dummies"

Beth Hillson
"Pleasing your Celiac Teenager ~ Sigh!"
"Living in the Real World with Celiac Disease"


Chaula Hopefisher
"Writing Your Life"

Martin F. Kagnoff
"Celiac Disease ~ The Whys? What Ifs? and Whats?"

Kent D. Katz, M.D. and Kathleen Apodaca
"Celiac Disease: Chapter by Chapter"

Joseph A. Murray, M.D.
"Celiac Disease: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!"

Patricia I. Overhulser, M.D.
"Adverse Food Reactions: Food Allergy versus Food Sensitivity/Intolerance"

Martha Lee Palotta, LDN,RD, CDE
"Self-management of the Diet for Celiac Disease"
"Fishing for Information on a Gluten-Free Diet"

Rebecca Reilly
"Living in the Real World with Celiac Disease"

Sheri L. Sanderson
"Beginner's Guide to a Gluten-Free Childhood: Managing the Diet without Losing Your Appetite"

David C. Sands, Ph.D.
"Designing Healthier Foods through Biotechnology"

Mary Schluckebier, M.S.
"Challenge for Action"

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