CSACeliac Support Association


October 5, 2009

To The Editor
Gluten Free Living


In your recent issue on food testing, the article “Support groups give seals of approval” discusses the CSA Recognition Seal program. On behalf of the Celiac Support Association, I would like the opportunity to clarify CSA’s position and rationale for excluding products containing oats from inclusion in the Seal program.

The CSA website, www.csaceliacs.org, states: “Oats appear to be suitable for some people with celiac disease, but not all. Thus oats are not yet a risk free choice for all people with celiac disease. If choosing to include oats, limit risk by choosing specially handled uncontaminated oats. The newly diagnosed are advised by most physicians to wait until health is restored before adding oats to their diets.”

Celiacs can rely on the products bearing the CSA Recognition Seal to meet the admittedly high standards of CSA which are solely designed to protect celiacs. When further research on oats provides convincing results that oats are safe for all celiacs, products containing oats may be considered for the Seal. Please see The Scoop on Oats on our website for more information and research results.

We appreciate the extensive information on testing presented in your magazine. Thank you for your work in celiac disease education.


Bill Eyl, President
Celiac Support Association