For Parents of Children with Celiac Disease

Local Support
Are you looking for local help and support about living gluten-free for you and your family? Contact the Cel-Kids Network liaison or chairperson of the local Celiac Support Association chapter in your area. Find a local chapter.

If there is not a chapter available in your immediate proximity, contact the national Celiac Support Association office for help in locating other available resources for parents of children with celiac disease.

You are also invited to contact Diane Eve Paley, former Celiac Support Association President and Cel-Kids Network  Coordinator.

Government Support
Center for Disease Control
Provides a series of Clinical Growth Charts

"Dealing with people who don't understand why we're gluten-free"
Tami Maldonado-Mancebo and two of her children have been diagnosed with celiac disease. She shares her thoughts and experiences in dealing with friends and family members who do not understand the importance of remaining gluten-free for life.