Celiac Disease Awareness

Celiac Awareness Toolkit
Awareness opportunities have no boundaries and the CSA Governing Board encourages celebrating awareness activies each and every day of every month. Traditionally, since 1987, October has been celebrated as Celiac Disease Awareness Month in the US and Canada. In 2009 Canada began to provide special awareness activities in May.  May is the contemporary celebration focus for Awareness Activities.  Row of People

Proclaiming Celiac Disease Awareness Day in Your State

Celiac Disease Awareness Ideas

Celiac Disease Awareness Packet (PDF Download)

Celiac Disease Fundraising Ideas

Celiac Disease Fundraising Packet (PDF Download)

Approaching the Media about Celiac Disease

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Special Chapter Events National Events: May or October Celiac Awareness Month; National Celiac Awareness Day, September 13

September 13th - National Celiac Disease Awareness Day
Thank You Senator Inhofe and Senator Nelson for introducing US Senate Resolution 259. Thanks to the Senate for Passing this Resolution to benefit awareness of celiac disease.
Text of the Resolution


May - Proposed National Celiac Disease Awareness Month

A segment of the proposed House Resolution 246:

"Whereas National Celiac Disease Awareness Month is celebrated in May: Now, therefore, be it Resolved, That the House of Representatives--
(1) supports the goals and ideals of National Celiac Awareness Month;
(2) recognizes that awareness of celiac disease will have a significant positive impact on the quality of life of people with celiac disease;
(3) recognizes the importance of improving diagnosis rates, through increasing education about celiac disease; and

(4) supports working toward an eventual cure for celiac disease through increased research and treatment."

Text of pending National Celiac Awareness Month Resolution in the US House of Representatives (House Bill 246).


Individually . . .
Celiac Awareness Day/Month is the perfect opportunity "to get the word out." Ideas to get started:

  • Join CSA or give a gift membership
  • Share something positive about the disease and the diet with friends and neighbors
  • Donate to CSA
  • Meet with the manager of your local grocery store about the importance of the availability of gluten-free options
  • Visit with clergy regarding the strict gluten-free diet, communion and church pot lucks
  • Present a program to an organization about celiac disease and how it is handled, both at home and away
  • Request celiac disease and CSA brochures sent to doctors and dietitians in your area
  • Buy a CSA membership for a family member, health care professional or your local library, guaranteeing that CSA's quarterly newsletter, Lifeline, is available to others
  • Encourage local chapter members to join the national CSA organization
  • Contact the CSA office with your ideas and successes. CSA is continually looking for more ways to help the celiac community
  • Donate time, money and skills
  • Encourage companies to participate in the CSA Recognition Seal Program

As a Chapter. . .

  • Gather those interested in celiac disease into CSA Resource Units and CSA Chapters for mutual support and awareness
  • Providing CSA-prepared press releases to local media
  • Donate to CSA for research projects
  • Placing human-interest stories in area newspapers
  • Giving radio and television interviews on the gluten-free diet
  • Co-sponsoring activities with state dietetic associations or local grocery stores
  • Setting up physician/patient interviews on talk shows or radio
  • Donating materials to health agency files and to libraries
  • Educating chefs and restaurant staff about the gluten-free diet
  • Co-sponsoring displays with area hospitals and shopping malls
  • Participate in health fairs
  • Encourage companies to participate in the CSA Recognition Seal Program