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"Promoting a Gluten-Free You."  CSA is a membership association pursuing a mission of helping to optimize the health of those with celiac disease and gluten sensitivities through research, education and support. As a public charity the member-volunteers work locally, regionally, nationally and internationally to increase awareness, improve diagnosis and treatment. Join with others helping those with celiac disease and gluten sensitivities to love living gluten-free!

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Share the vision, work with others. Donations and Memberships are fully tax deductible.  An amazing 98% of CSA revenue supports programs and activities.

The Celiac Support Association® is the largest non-profit celiac support group in America, with chapters and resource units across the country, and members worldwide.

 CSA Privacy Policy

 How your information is handled by CSA.

Working For You

Support Group

Celiac Support Association Membership Includes:

  • A quarterly newsletter -Life­line
  • Member email updates on research, legislative concerns, gluten-free product news, labeling and more
  • Educational opportunities and needed support through local chapter meetings
  • Membership discounts
  • Accessibility to the members-only section of the website for exclusive savings, downloads and more
  • Liability Insurance for members and officers

CSA Corporate Programs

CSA Activities

  • A  US and Canada toll-free support line that fields over 1,200 calls per month
  • The Annual CSA Meeting
  • CSA Dietitian Day Conference
  • A member of the Digestive Disease National Coalition and other advocacy organization
  • The CSA Glossary is compiled produced 

CSA  Awareness and Research

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